Our Programs

Our gender specific treatment programs, wide range of services and dedicated professionals provide the right environment to help anyone struggling with addiction to alcohol or other drugs. We offer support, care and of course, hope. In fact, over 90% of graduates maintain abstinence for at least one year after treatment*.

Our services feature one-to-one counseling and transformative group work, with individualized treatment plans that focus on each individual’s unique needs and goals. Our holistic approach is grounded in the ‘12-Step’ philosophy, adding yoga, auricular acupuncture, art therapy and dance, along with many other fitness activities.

We provide vitamin support in combination with delicious meals & snacks that are designed to support optimum nutrition and promote wellness. We offer comprehensive Continuing Care services to ensure you have the kind of recovery that lasts a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions


    How much does it cost?

    Programs are covered by the Ministry of Health as well as workplace benefits and personal funds. Exact amounts can be discussed with the Admissions Coordinator

    Can I come with no money?


    Are there additional fees for me to pay?

    There is a program fee to off-set the cost of recreational activities

    Will my insurance cover my treatment?

    This will be determined by your individual insurance policy

    Do I need spending money?

    Minimal spending money is suggested but not required


    What is the wait time to get in?

    Wait times can change, please call to inquire

    How long is the program?

    Women's Treatment Centre program is 27 days, Men's Treatment Centre program is 42 days

    Can I detox at Hope Place Centres?

    No, we do not offer detox services

    What are the steps for admission?

    Please call the Admissions Coordinator to begin the admissions process

    Do you share my information with anyone?

    Personal information is only shared with the expressed consent of the individual

    Does Hope Place accommodate wheelchairs, service animals, language and literacy barriers etc.?

    HPC strives to accommodate all needs, please call to discuss your needs with the Admissions Coordinator

    Does HPC take clients with Concurrent Disorders? (Mental health issues)

    Yes, clients with concurrent disorders are welcome at Hope Place Centres

    Can I come for a tour of Hope Place Centres?

    In order to protect privacy we do not provide facility tours

    What does "clean & sober" mean?

    To be "clean and sober" means that you are substance-free


    Can I call and see my family while I am at Hope Place Centres?

    Clients can make phone calls while in treatment. Scheduled visitations can take place after family members have attended the family program

    What support is available for family?

    We offer counselling services for loved ones. Contact the Family Program Coordinator for more information

    Are there conjugal visits? (Can I have sex with my partner while in treatment?)



    Are you on a bus route and how can I get there?

    Our Community Treatment Centre in Oakville is located along a bus route. The closest bus station is Bronte Go. The live-in facilities are not located along bus routes. You will be required to arrange your own transportation.

    Can I smoke cigarettes or vape?

    Cigarettes are permitted, vaping is not

    Can I work while I am staying at Hope Place Centres?

    Clients attending live-in treatment are not able to leave program to work

    Is there a computer I can use while I am at HPC?

    Computer access is limited and based on each person's needs

    Are you hiring staff or looking for volunteers or student placements?

    Positions are posted internally and externally as needed. We do not have volunteer opportunities. Please contact us for student placement opportunities

    Do you have retreats/workshops/seminars or training?

    Additional programs are available, please contact us for more information and availability

    Do you offer day treatment?

    We offer live-in treatment programs as well as individual counselling services

    How do I make a complaint?

    Please contact HPC with any complaint or concern you may have and we will address your concerns appropriately and in a timely manner. Please also see the Complaint Policy in the Report Section of our website


    How do you accommodate nutritional and dietary needs?

    Hope Place Centres strives to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of all clients. Please inform us of your needs

    Can I bring my own food?

    All food will be provided by Hope Place Centres

    Do you have vitamins and supplements or do I bring my own?

    Sealed vitamins and supplements can only be brought on site after they have been approved on your med form. Multi-vitamins are provided by Hope Place Centres


    What programs does Hope Place Centres have?

    We offer gender-specific live-in and continuing-care programs as well as individual counselling services

    Will I go to AA or NA while I am at Hope Place Centres?

    Yes, you will attend both fellowships during your stay at Hope Place Centres

    Is 12-Step based on religion?

    No, 12-Step is not based on religion

    What is the difference between 12-Step and abstinence?

    12-Step recovery is abstinence-based

    What does evidence-informed mean?

    Evidence-informed means using the most current evidence from research, context and experience, to inform and improve practice and policy

    What is trauma-informed?

    Trauma-informed means understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of all types of trauma

    How long is the program?

    The Women's Treatment Centre program is 27 days. The Men's Treatment Centre program is 42 days

    Do I have to read and write English?

    We will do our best to accommodate language and literacy needs

    Can I come back to the program a second time?

    Yes, clients may attend treatment again if necessary

    Why is your program better than other treatment centres?

    We are better because our programs offer integrated addiction and stage one trauma treatment, and because many of our staff are also in recovery from alcoholism/addiction.

    Can I leave early?

    Yes, you can leave early however we strongly encourage completion of our program and will do our best to meet your needs

    What kind of counselling is available?

    We provide group and individual counselling

    Is it co-educational?

    No, Our programs are gender-specific


    Am I able to leave the property?

    Yes, clients attend off-site activities as a group

    What recreational activities are available?

    We offer many recreational activities such as swimming, movies, drumming, yoga, hiking etc.

    How much free time is will I have?

    Self-care is strongly encouraged and included daily as part of the treatment program

    Do you have a gym or swimming pool?

    We have access to exercise equipment and swimming facilities

    Can I take pictures?

    Pictures are not permitted in order to protect privacy

    Can I go to church?

    You are free to attend church during your off-site visits


    Bring your positivity and a smile

    A positive attitude can be contagious, a little goes a long way :)

    How much money/bank card should I bring?

    Minimal spending money is suggested but not required. Cash, debit or credit is your personal preference

    Can I bring my own bedding?

    Bedding is provided by Hope Place Centres

    Can I bring my own car?

    Clients are not permitted to leave their vehicles at the facility. You must arrange for other means of transportation

    Can I bring valuables?

    We do not recommend bringing valuables with you however, you will be provided with a locker for your belongings that you wish to keep secure

    Can I bring a guitar/instrument?


    Can I bring my own food/snacks?

    All food will be provided by Hope Place Centres

    What if I forget something?

    If needed, arrangements can be made to have items dropped off

    Can I bring my phone and computer?

    Please discuss this with the Admissions Coordinator


    Are you wheelchair accessible?

    The Community Treatment Centre is wheelchair accessible, however the live-in facilities are not wheelchair accessible

    Will I have a roommate?

    We offer private and semi-private accommodations

    Is Hope Place Centres in the city or country setting?

    Both live-in facilities are in a country setting

    Is there laundry facilities and do they cost money?

    Both live-in centres offer free laundry facilities


    Do you have Healthcare providers available?

    There is a physician on-site weekly

    I am on medication-how much can I bring and how is it stored?

    Please discuss this with the Admissions Coordinator. All medications are secured on site and dispensed as prescribed

    Do you allow medical use of cannabis

    Medical cannabis use is on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Admissions Coordinator for information

    Do you allow drug replacement therapy or opioid substitution therapy?

    DRT/OST/OAT is not permitted

    What if I have a sleeping problem?

    Please discuss this with the Admissions Coordinator