We care very deeply for our clients and staff.  We hope you and your loved ones are well.

As we are continuing to navigate through these uncertain times, we know there are many people struggling with addiction and mental health who are reaching out for help.  Our live-in treatment facilities remain operational and our amazing team continues to care for our clients in the best way possible during this time.

As well, at this time, our exceptional team continues to work hard and has streamlined their ability to support as many people as they can though both verbal communication and virtual support.

Self-care during this time

It is normal to feel anxiety and fear during this time and it may trigger unhealthy choices.  You are not powerless, in fact there are many things you can do at this time

  1. Try to avoid speculation and rumour as they can cause anxiety.
  2. Stay informed but monitor how much time you are listening to the media. Ongoing news coverage can be stressful
  3. Access only reliable resources about COVID-19 can help you feel more in control and informed.
  4. Stay in communication with all your supports, family and friends

Together we are stronger and will continue to work through these difficult days and weeks to come.

We thank you for your courage, patience and understanding. 

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” 
-Theodore Rosevelt

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